About VCi Green Funds

The VCi Green Fund is a private venture fund, founded by Tom Rand in 2005. The fund provides seed and venture capital to companies developing technologies that reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from energy use, particularly CO2. Efficiencies and alternate sources are each considered target areas of application. Our first round investments were in a green hotel geothermal heating and cooling , and wind micro-generation. Second round efforts include gas plasma from wasteconcentrated solar PV ,underwater compressed air energy storagesmart-grid firmware and early-stage wind development under Ontario's FIT program.

"The Stone Age didn't end because they ran out of stonesanonymous.

How We Help.

We help by providing capital and active on-going participation; advice and involvement at the board level. We are loosely affiliated with other, larger green funds who we may be able to bring on board for secondary rounds of financing.

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Round I Investments.

Round I was closed in September, 2005. It is focused primarily on generating efficiencies and reducing emissions of existing energy sources.

Energy efficiency should be the cornerstone of any energy policy that hopes to survive the rigours of the market, L. Hunter Lovins, Wyatt King

Real Estate Sector

Construction at 357 College Street, Toronto is transforming an abandonded building into a landmark hotel - Planet Traveler Hostel - that will integrate the latest energy efficiency technologies including passive solar heating, solar panels, geothermal, and drain water heat re-capture. Video and discussion of the claim that Planet Traveler is the 'greenest' hotel in North America. As discussed on BNN.

Geothermal Heating/Cooling

Learning from Planet Traveler, we placed three rounds in Clean Energy Developments. We're convinced geothermal is the 'holy grail' of heating/cooling systems. Tom Rand sat on the Board of Directors, as of spring, 2007 until the acquisition of Clean Energy by Alter NRG (NRG.TO). This represents the first succussful exit of VCi Green Funds delivering a 3x return.

Small Scale Wind

A round was placed in Helix Wind Inc., a manufacturer and distributor of aesthetically pleasing, small-scale vertical axis wind turbines. Helix Wind is now publicly traded under the symbol HLXW.OB.

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Round II Investments.

Plasma/Syngas from Waste

Following on from the acquisition of Clean Energy, VCi Green Funds will maintain a position in the acquiring company - Alter NRG (NRG.TO), whose other business activity is the commercialization of the Westinghouse Plasma technology platform.

Concentrated Solar PV

Vci Green Funds led a syndicate of investors into Morgan Solar's A-round. Morgan makes low-cost concentrated solar PV optics for the utility sector, using an innovative light guide made from injection-molded plexiglass. This represents a disruptive improvment over state-of-the-art frensel lens-type technology. Previous investors in the same A-round include Iberdrola, Turnstone Capital and Nypro.

Early-Stage Wind Development:

VCi Green Funds has taken a position in Environmental Electric Company, which has a number of assets in early-stage development under Ontario's Feed-In Tariff.

Compressed Air Energy Storage

Hydrostor holds proprietary technology used to store grid-scale energy in the form of underwater compressed air.

Smaart Grid Firmware

MMB Research builds firmware/software to enable smart devices.

Management Team


Tom Rand


Tom Rand started his career as a software entrepreneur. Voice Courier Inc. (VCi) was founded in 1991 to service the emerging Interactive Voice Response market. Tom led its expansion to over 100 employees in three countries, with revenue in excess of $20 million US annually. The VCi Group of Companies was profitable for each of the 12 years it was under Tom’s control, an was sold in the spring, 2005.

Green Bonds public policy team. Green Bonds is a federal policy policy proposal involving the issuance of a federally-backed, publicly-available bond designed to accelerate the develoment of large-scale renewable energy infrastructure. Tom is currently working on a book entitled Ten Technologies to Save the World.

Tom holds a BSc in electrical engineering from the University of Waterloo, a MSc in philosophy of science from the University of London / London School of Economics and an MA and PhD in philosophy from the University of Toronto.

In his spare time Tom competes in Triathlons and plays obscure jazz guitar music. Tom is kept up nights worrying about the earth's heat-death, and is under no illusion that buisnesses operating in a free market can solve the problem of climate change, but believes they must play a key role in changing our existing energy paradigm.



Michael Bain

Director, Finance


A member of the Society of Management Accounts of Ontario since 1992, Mike began his career with the VCI Group of Companies in 1997. Since then he has helped coordinate funding for the expansion of VCi and the acquisition of target software companies in Canada, the US and the UK. In addition to managing all of the financial records for external investment inquiries and forecasted sales targets, Mike is responsible for all of the VCI Group's Canadian and international legal, audit and banking activities.

Mike holds a Business Economics Bachelor's Degree from Brock University, St.Catharines and in his spare time enjoys camping, fishing boating and spending time with his wife and two young children.

Mike has joined VCi Green Funds as C.F.O.